About Us

U-Nation Ent Is a upcoming record label coming out of South Carolina. My Name is Young Burton and i am the CEO of U-Nation Entertainment LLC. 

Young Burton aka YB, born as Darrio Burton in Beaufort, South Carolina, started rapping in 2014. Being inspired by poverty and using music as a way to escape the reality of a broken community, YB is an artist and rapper with a fierce passion for lyricism and fast rhymes when it comes to crafting original hip hop. Prodigy introduces his sound well, a track that grows more immersive and impressive as it moves along, but one that aims high from the offset – effectively tipping its hat to some of the yester-year greats.

Musically, “Best Friend” Ft. Mouton offers a partly organic, colorful soundscape, suggestive of simple good times and a carefree aura. This gives the music an easy-going yet confident feel, so you expect a passionate and energetic performance on top of it. That’s precisely what you get. The outpouring of lyrics is heavy, so much so that a second listen is necessary. “Best Friend” is fun, confident and mighty in its intention and drive. Hopefully with future releases listeners will come to gather a little more info as to who the artist is. This motivational, energizing vibe works perfectly as a go-to anthem whenever you need a little kick.